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2023 Kidding Schedule

Tentative 2023-2024 Breeding

subject to changes

*-Buck Kids will only be sold out of does whose mammary systems have something to offer the furthering of our breed, as a result no buck kids are sold out of first fresheners unless I believe they've freshened exceptionally well. If interested in a wether from any pairings, please let me know so I may make note, and if interested in a buck from a first freshener, I can let you know if one comes available upon evaluation of dams mammary system post kidding.

- confirmed bred by ultrasound

Terms of Sale:

* A $100 deposit is required to hold a buck kid from our breedings. Deposits are taken on first-come, first-served basis. For DOE kids, we have implemented a waiting list, We will take your name and your desired breedings you would like a doe from, we do recommend making a second and possibly third choice if you would like to ensure a kid joins your herd.

* Deposits are non-refundable if the seller backs out of sale or if they violate the terms of sale. I reserve the right to refuse deposits. I do not take deposits based on "color" of goats as we do not breed for color, but rather to improve the breed.

* Unless otherwise discussed, purchase price is due within 10 days following notice of kids availability. If payment is not received in this time frame, the kid will be offered to someone else and your deposit will move to another available kid, if no contact on your part is made within 14 days, the deposit is forfeit.

*Kids must be picked up by 4 weeks of age or two weeks past purchase (whichever is later), unless otherwise agreed on when payment is made. Kids who have not been picked up by 4 weeks of age will incur a weekly boarding charge of $25, to help offset the cost of their milk, feed, coccidiostats, and time being cared for. Kids who have still not been picked up by two months with little communication on plans for retrieval from the purchaser will be made available for sale after notifying the purchaser of breach of sale terms.

* Shipping of all animals will be done at the full expense of the buyer. Buyer must state upon placing deposit that they plan to ship the kid, as additional fees will apply. If ground transport is desired and falls along my frequent routes to and from New Hampshire (From Maryland) only a $50 transport fee will apply to help offset the extra stop and gas along route. We will gladly help a buyer find other modes of transportation for kids purchased, no matter where they may reside, and will work with Livestock transport businesses. Any and all costs associated with transport: airline flights, health certificates, crates, etc. are the responsibility of the buyer.

*If the Seller agrees to meet off of a route or plans a special trip to transport animals to buyers, a fee of 80cents/mile will incur for both gas and time traveled, plus tolls. The fees will be split evenly amongst the number of customers on the stop.

* Kids may also be picked up at our property in MD if desired, kids are to be picked up by one month of age, unless otherwise agreed upon.

* I reserve the right to retain any kids from any of my breedings. In the event I decide to retain a kid that has been placed on deposit, your deposit will be refunded or you will get first choice of available kids. I also reserve the right to change the price on any kids not pre-reserved. Kids reserved prior to the date of birth will be sold at the listed and agreed upon price.

* All animals in the herd are tested annually for CAE, All negative January 2023.

* All buck kids sold can be DNA parentage verified prior to leaving at no cost to buyer. If casein results are also desired by the buyer they may pay the extra for casein testing, and I can submit this at the same time as the parentage for ease.

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