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SGCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Kay-Cee-K 3*M

KC has an incredible will to milk and puts everything into the bucket for us. She is another doe that has earned her Superior Genetics through her offspring's accolades, but in 2021 she earned her milking star during her first lactation on test. She is another doe that has been very productive and given birth to litters of multiples several years in a row.

She is long and level throughout, with a beautifully wide and long rump and is still on strong pasterns at 7.5 years of age. We would ideally like to maintain her productive nature but improve the overall shape of her mammary, better teats and placement, and rear leg angulation, she has strong front end with well placed front legs and strong shoulders, she has a clean neck.

DOB: 3/3/2015

Black & Tan

ADGA Genetics Link

*DNA on file*

Alpha s1 Casein A/F

Most Recent Appraisal:

LA 2022: FS85 (+EE+) @ 07-05; Very good in Rump, front leg and shoulder

Career Highlights:

2016: 1x Res, 1x Grand (R Leg)

2018: 2x Res, 3x Grand (2 Final Legs)

2019: SG Awarded.



We were on OS-40 and dried many does off early prior to our busy holidays. Next year we will have more complete data as we are moving to Standard 305.

Progeny in our herd: 

Grandaughter; Zelda

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