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E.B. Farms MO Seven Prayers

Prayer is undoubtedly here due to the result of many well wishes and prayers by those who followed her and her Mama Seven's journey this spring. A labor gone awry, Seven was sent up to New Bolton, PA's Veterinary School to deliver her kids via c-section. While two doelings were delivered, Prayer was strong enough to overcome the anesthesia and trauma and went home with her dam and I that very same evening. I think she knows she is special because of her "all eyes on me" attitude, which has certainly come out in the ring.

Seven went to her first show in May at two months old and was awarded Grand Champion earning her dry leg, and then going on to be Best Junior Doe in Show! We were filled with gratitude and emotion for this little doeling. Looonnggg as a train and on beautiful feet and legs, we are just giddy with anticipation at seeing Prayer freshen spring 2023!

DOB: 3/13/2022

Chocolate & White, Swiss Marked

ADGA Genetics Link


Alpha s1 Casein TBD

Most Recent Appraisal:


Career Highlights:

2022- Piedmont Show GCH Jr and Best in Show! (dry leg)

Maryland State Fair 3rd Place Intermediate Kid, 1st place Jr Get.



Prayer will be a First Freshener in 2023

Progeny in our herd: 

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